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Te Korowai o Te Tai o Marokura
Kaikoura Coastal Guardians,
PO Box 121,
New Zealand


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Earthquake and recovery

NZTA Earthquake response

Geonet Kaikoura Earthquake

Kaikoura District Council Earthquake Recovery page and tab

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Laws and Regulations

Fisheries Regulations applying to the Kaikoura area

DOC Marine mammal regulations

New Zealand Statutes and regulations

Amateur Fishing regulations

SouthEast (Kaikoura) amateur regulations


Coastal uplift along the North Canterbury-Marlborough coast results from the coastal survey team

A page with links to various documents and media reports concerning NZ Petroleum & Minerals and Anardarko off our coast.

MFish New Paua tool 11 March 2009

Kaikoura Area

NIWA discoveries in the Kaikoura canyon floor

Kaikoura Boating Club

Kaikoura aquarium

Kaikoura iSite

Kaikoura District Council

Canterbury Underwater Club

Kaikoura Field Station of Canterbury Universary



April 2019 Newsletter

Kaikoura Marine Strategy 2012

Characterisation Report

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